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Fields of Application

The array of possible fields of application of functional materials and structures includes many technical areas:

  • aerospace
  • energy engineering
  • traffic engineering: automotive engineering, high-speed trains, shipbuilding
  • communications
  • medical engineering
  • building and plant construction, architectural glass industry
  • optics
  • sensor systems, measurement technology, form measurement
  • robotics, handling technology, manufacturing automation, nano positioning
  • sports industry
  • air conditioning and heating systems

Possible products and product improvements of the new campus:

  • sound, shock and vibration absorbers
  • energy harvesting systems
  • structural health monitoring systems
  • structure compliant actuators for adaptronics
  • transparent sensors, bio- and gas sensors
  • optical transistors and computers
  • switchable transparencies, touch screens
  • active window panes
  • implants
  • harmonic scalpels, micro-surgery
  • supersonic shavers
  • mobile phone vibrating alert
  • adaptive skis and snowboards, tennis rackets
  • de-icing systems
  • injector nozzles
  • active chassis
  • pressure bearing
  • adaptive robot systems
  • precision optics
  • form measuring machines
  • vibrating shoe inserts
  • dynamic stable binoculars
  • ...

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