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Data privacy

Information about statistics

The software used to log and analyze the usage of this web site is Piwik. Piwik is a GPL licensed open source web analyze software. You can find more information about Piwik here:


If you have set up your browser that your visit is generally not covered by statistical software, our Piwik installation respects this information and will not record your visit. Some browsers use the so-called "Do Not Track header" (DNT-header) for this setting.

We do not collect any personal information during your visit. The IP address you are using when visiting this page automatically is made anonymous by our analysis software.
Example: The IP address will be logged as This information cannot be clearly traced and assigned to a person anymore. Thus, we do not collect any personal data.

We are using the collected information to analyze and optimize our web site only. We do not use them for advertising or selling them.

If you don't use the DNT-header but still don't want to be covered by our analysis software anyway, we can store a so-called cookie in your browser which is telling our server to log no information at all about your visit. This option is only available if you surf to this site with the DNT-option deactivated.

Please note that the setting "not to be recognized" only applies to the browser that you used the first time you visit this privacy policy page. If you use a different browser, you have to visit this page again to store this information for this different browser, too. If you want to cover up your tracks in the internet completely, you may want to use the Tor network.


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